Nique Design Studio is a independent freelance studio owned by Zeltonique Damon, a UI/UX designer.

“As a Product Designer, I firmly believe that great and innovative design starts with understanding
the users’ feelings, thoughts, and actions. Focusing on the end-user is a compelling motivation
in my design approach – I enjoy creating excellent product solutions that would make a genuine impact
on the users to improve their daily lives. I do have a great passion for Inclusive design; I always include
best practices that will benefit all people – people with and without disabilities. I believe not only the
physical world but the digital world should also be accessible for all.

My solutions are timeless, adaptive and tailored to the user’s needs.”

Client Review:

“Oleg helped me with the redesign of my logo as well as the branding of my company last year,
and I was thrilled with the end product. He took the vision I had and enhanced it even more
than I could imagine. His ability to communicate my company’s values through powerful design
is impeccable.

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional as well as very talented
branding/logo designer. He not only delivers excellent quality of work, but he is also a great
person to work with and have on your team.”