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As an independent brand designer, I've accumulated extensive experience through collaborations with a diverse range of companies, spanning the SaaS, AI, and fintech industries. My passion lies in working with dynamic startups, witnessing firsthand the evolution of their visual identity alongside their growth.

Notably, I had the privilege to contribute to Jasper's journey, which recently secured a $125 million series A funding round at a valuation of $1.5 billion.


Logo system

Logo animation

Color palette


Brand guidelines

Social media

Icon design

Web design


01 / Discovery

During the discovery phase, I dive deep into understanding your brand, vision, and goals. Through discussions and research, we uncover what makes your brand unique and identify key elements to incorporate into the design.

02 / Execution

Once the discovery phase is complete, I move on to the execution stage. Using the insights gained, I begin crafting concepts and designs that reflect your brand identity and resonate with your target audience.

03 / Feedback

Feedback is crucial to ensuring the final design meets your expectations. I welcome your input and collaborate closely with you to refine the designs based on your feedback, making revisions as necessary until we achieve the perfect result.

04 / Delivery

With the designs finalized and approved, I proceed to deliver the completed project to you. Whether it's delivering digital files or overseeing the production process, I ensure a smooth and timely delivery, so you can start using your new brand assets effectively.


  • Oleg exceeded our expectations and created a stunning and modern design for our company, he was very professional and pleasant to work with.

    Nolvia Seranno

    Manager, Ola Real Estate

  • I was thrilled with the end product. He took the vision I had and enhanced it even more than I could imagine. His ability to communicate my company’s values through powerful design is impeccable.

    Zeltonique Damon

    Product Designer and Founder, Nique Design Studio

  • Oleg Coada & Co provided high-quality results despite working in a different timezone. The team was prompt in their responses, ensuring an efficient and effective collaboration with the client.

    Eric Bunnell

    Founder & CEO at Lasso MD

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My expertise lies in paying meticulous attention to detail and staying updated on the latest design trends. I specialize in creating logos and brand identities that effectively communicate the unique essence of each company. I'm all about giving my clients top-quality work and helping them reach their business goals. Whether I'm refreshing an old brand or creating a brand new one, I'm here to make brands stand out with awesome visuals.

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Oleg Coada & Co

If you’re interested in a collaboration, send me an email:

Oleg Coada & Co

If you’re interested in a collaboration, send me an email:

Oleg Coada & Co